Mommy burn-out, part 4

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Read the last 4 posts to get caught up on the tools I have learned to avoid getting mommy burn-out.

Here's another way I have learned to avoid burn-out:

4) Get some distance

Absence does make the heart grow fonder, and that is especially true for the parent/child relationship. I try to do this regularly in two ways:

A) Date Nights

When Jeremiah and I got married we became a complete family unit. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, our children didn't complete us or our family...they are an added blessing and addition to our family. Because of this mindset we try (as much as time and budget allow!) to go on frequent date nights. Getting away, just the two of us, is really important for reminding me that I am wife first, mommy second. We also try to limit the amount of time we can talk about the kids or church while on the date...and just reconnect.

B) Mom's Night Off

Every Monday night (that we are in town or don't have company or another unbreakable obligation) is my night off. When Jeremiah gets home from work, I am officially "off duty". I am free to do whatever I want or need to get done. I have spent my nights off painting, shopping, sitting in a coffee shop reading a book, re-upholstering our dining room chairs, uploading pictures, having dinner/dessert with a girlfriend, cleaning out a closet(yes, really), running errands without the kids in tow, etc. It is my time to remember what I love to do, to keep "in tune" whatever talents or interests the Lord has given me. I don't view this time as time that I "deserve", and if something comes up in the schedule where it doesn't happen I don't pout =) But, I do treasure this time.

I ALWAYS come home from date nights or nights off with a renewed energy and thankfulness to see Ella and Ezra.
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Heather said...

O.k. so I need my notebook. I need to right all these down. They really are great.