appy birtday jeremia!

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Read te below post first if you aven't...or else you won't understand tis one =)


Today marks te 29t year tat you've been on tis eart.

And I've ad te privledge of spending 11 birtdays wit you.

Wow, we are getting old. But you just keep getting better every year. I'm so umbled by te way you ave spent your 29 years...making tem count for te Lord.

I love you.

You are going to rock 29!
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Heather said...

Too funny! Crazy thing is I read your post with no problem. H or no H! I'm getting ready to shoot you an email.

mommajeane said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
That is 22 people excited that you are 29.... Hope it is a good one.

Kelly Via said...

appy 29t birtday Jeremia! ope its been a great birtday for you! I didn't put it togeter tat you sare your bday wit Jacob and Keesa's anniversary!! ow cool!

29? Man you are getting old. e e!