Camp: recap

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Obviously, keeping up with every day didn't work out =)

I'll just fill you in on the rest of the days. Thankfully, the remainder of the week we managed to keep the rest of our leaders healthy! Melissa is feeling much better after a couple days of antibiotics and we haven't learned of anyone else catching her strep throat...PTL! Anna was discharged from the hospital Friday. They still haven't pinpointed the cause of the seizure and she is still registering some seizure activity on her brain waves. Continue to pray for her.

Our students had a blast and we are so excited to see the Lord working in their lives this week. Yes, Summer Camp is always a mountain top experience in their spiritual journey...but, Jeremiah and I both strongly believe that true life change doesn't normally happen because of one week of camp. Rather, spiritual maturity is developed over a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly walk with Christ. We love Student Life Camp because they don't emphasize just an emotional experience...but promote accountability and relationship building amongst individual student groups.

We realized how incredible our students are this week. We truly are blessed!

Man, I am happy to be home though. I think the kids are too. Ella went straight to her bed as soon as we got home and just rolled around in it =) Today has been spent catching up on everything missed this week...laundry, mowing, grocery shopping, and wrestling with the kids =)
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Heather said...

Welcome home!

Deb H said...

so glad you are home safe and sound and the basement is DRY!!

keep a close eye on my baby boy!
Love you guys!!!

hope you can make it to the beach for Thanksgiving!!!! we have the WHOLE week, so come when/if you can!!!! ;-) I have my fingers croseed! ;-)


Tasha Via said...

Ahhhh, time to relax...