Picture overload

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Riding the manatee at the Jacksonsville Zoo Splash Park

Chillin' with PawPaw at the beach. We were able to drive right on the beach...much better than trekking with all the beach gear for a mile! We set up Ezra's pac-n-play in the backseat of the van and when he got tired of the sun he just chilled =) A huge thank you to the Wilkinson's from our church for letting us use their sweet mini-van this trip! Yes, we did the whole mini-van thing =) Something I once swore I would never do!

Riding the carousel...they both loved it!


Daddy and Ezra at the beach

Making a stepping stone with Gramma

Our little beach bunny! I don't think she would ever get tired of it!

Best buds...Ella, Christian, and Aliya

For more pictures, click here to go to Gramma's new blog!
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Kelly Via said...

Awe, so much fun!! I am so glad you guys had such a great time of Family togetherness!! The pictures are so fun! We have never been to the beach with either of our girls; I really want to take them soon!

Tasha Via said...

OOh, never thought of putting the pack-n-play up in the back of the car! What a GREAT idea=)