Camp: day three

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Well, the kids and I didn't make it to camp yesterday due to the fact that one of our other leaders came down with strep throat. The poor thing was pretty miserable and went home. Jeremiah spent much of the morning at Urgent Care with her. He didn't want to chance the kids getting it. Ella has had strep once before and it was awful...she gets the throw-up kind...ugh!

Nevertheless, we had a great day spent with Meme and Popee. We went to Smith Mountain Lake and put the boat in.

Ella and Ezra loved the water!

I have to say that the highlight of the day was when Ella caught her 1st fish...all by herself! She insisted on doing it "by myself" and held the rod, hooked the fish, and reeled it in. Here are some pictures of the catch.

This is her face after she summoned up the courage to actually touch the fish =)
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mommajeane said...

I love it ! She really has some cute expressions.... Say hi to Rick and Janet for me....

Briana said...

if you get a chance, and i know it's probably crazy, but you should swing by the house so mom and Kaley can meet the kids...they would love that! let me know if you think you can and i'll give mom a heads up. wish i was there to hang on the lake with you guys.

love ya

Tasha Via said...

I love that face!!

Kelly Via said...

SO cute Jen!! Looks like a ton of fun! We were looking at this today with Cana...and she is now so so excited to "go fish with Ella and wear a vest."

the broomes said...

What a fun day!!!! I love the pictures of Ella catching her first fish...I'm sure that Jeremiah was pretty bummed that he missed it!