Make new friends...

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I have been blessed throughout my life with good friends...

some to dream with,
some to pray with,
some to take massive amounts of silly photos with,
some to laugh with,
some to do crazy things with,
some to pour out my heart to,
some to become a laughing hyena with after 10pm,
some to be inspired by,
some to share mommy highs and lows,
some to learn from,
some to teach,
some to eat way too much chocolate with,
some to run with,
and all to LOVE.

Some friendships were built by mutual acquaintances,
some by common interests.

Some were built around my children,
my husband,
my work.

Some friendships I grew into.

Some(these are the rare ones)were built because we just clicked.

During our VBS a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of making a new friend, Heather. She is definitely a "click" friend. I am excited and very grateful for this wonderful and rare new friendship.

Ella is excited too about her new friends, Ethan and Andrew. They came over this week, along with her two other sweet kids, Taylor and Tabitha.
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Tasha Via said...

Yeah for new friends!!!!