Birthday wishes...

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It's my moms birthday today!

In grade school I remember writing out the reasons I love my mom. I'm pretty sure they were your typical 9 year old reasons...

She's a good cook
She loves me
She takes care of me

Now that I have entered into adulthood (at least some of the time!) and am a mother, the depth of my understanding and reasons for my love have changed a little bit...


Without further ado,

Some reasons Why I love my mom:
  • Her love and compassion for the underdog (or ANY stray, wounded, or disadvantaged person or animal she comes in contact with).
  • Her passion and fierceness in protecting the people she loves and the convictions she believes.
  • Her excessive collection of buckets, bowls, baskets, or containers of any sort =)
  • Her excessive collection of children needing the aforementioned love and compassion.
  • Her deep down devotion to my Dad. She may want to "just shoot him" at times, but I ALWAYS knew and know of her love for him.
  • Her love of reading and books which she passed (and is passing) onto her children.
  • Her miraculous green thumb. I have never seen anything like it!
  • Her energy and tirelessness. The woman can run circles around anyone!
  • Her creativity. She could entertain any 4 year old with a string of floss for hours at end =)
  • The realness of her faith and love relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ - Not tied to a tradition or denomination...she is just faithfully living out that love and giving feet to her faith.
I love you Mom...

Happy Birthday!
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mommajeane said...

Thanks my dear Jenn- one of the reasons my blog is titled- Blessed by a child.