What is missing?

Come on, look hard!

Harder. Keep looking...

Yes, the letter h is missing!

Several months ago Ezra decided that it looked rather tasty...
and it just hasn't been the same ever since. To read the full story click here.

It finally bit the dust for good this week. Perhaps if it had been the letter q or z or x it wouldn't have been such a big deal...but, as I found out in this post, it is kind of an important letter!

Never fear. My wonderful fix-it husband saved the day...

Can you tell what he did?


Deb H said...

he is so smart! ;-)

Sure miss you guys!!

Love ya bunches!!


Kelly Via said...

Nice! At least you don't ave to type like tis all te time!! Jeremia's so smart!

Tasha Via said...

That's AWESOME! That Jeremiah, he's so smart!

But remember Jeremiah, "we don't do bandaids" (Dave Kraus)

Jeremullet said...

She wouldn't let me use caulk to stick the "H" key back on. I had to do the next best thing. I even offered to make a whole new "h" key out of caulk.

Jeremullet said...

Who uses that squiggly line thing anyway?


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