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I am quite proud of myself this week.

I have made dinner every night.
Now, that's normal enough in and of itself...but, I have made "new" dinners this week. I like to least when I'm not rushing it or when there aren't 2 toddlers underfoot whining about being hungry...but I have been feeling stuck in a rut lately. Just kinda repeating the same 7-10 dinners over and over.

Anyone else get like that?

Well, I have broken out the cookbooks and my creative juices and forced myself to not make any of those same 7-10 dinners this week...and it's been a great change of pace for all of us. My favorite meal of the week was a big pot of vegetable soup with biscuits and homemade apple butter. The soup even had green beans (gasp!) in it! (For those of you that don't know me...I HATE green beans!) You know its bad when your kids ask you "what's this Mom" for a green bean =) I really need to work on that.

I'd love to hear where you get your inspirations for dinners when you get stuck!
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Jessie said...

I used to get a lot of inspiration from Kraft's free Food and Family magazine, but then I developed a milk allergy and practically everything in the book is worthless to me now. But I still love looking at it. Got one yesterday.

Oh yes, I LOVE that magazine (Kraft Food and Family).

I also like

I'll look in my pantry or freezer to see what I have and then I'll search on allrecipes to see what recipes they come up with.

Valerie The Great said...

Two words for you: Paula Dean. I love her cook books. Also, Food has a feature so that you can plug in what meal you want and any ingrediants you have on hand, and poof! They give you two or three ideas/recipies.