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I just finished writing in the last page of my journal this morning.

I started this one on Saturday, February 23rd of this year...

We were in the throes of selling the house,

Ezra was just a baby-baby,
and the Elevation service loomed far off in the future.

I love looking through a completed journal...

Remembering where I was at the time I wrote an entry,
Prayer requests that were on my heart,
Praises for something the Lord had worked out,
Reading of my failures and struggles,
and seeing the truths of his Word that were burrowing deeper into my heart.

I am always comforted in the tangible reminder of the Lord's faithfulness that my finished journal brings. I might have been in want, but never in need. I might have cried and despaired, but always returned to joy and thankfulness within a few days.

Now comes the excitement of writing the first entry in a new book...
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Tasha Via said...

I love that feeling too! I get way too excited picking out my new one=)

That's funny. I started mine on February 26th and only have a couple pages left. I just went and picked out a new one last week.

Your pictures at the park are beautiful. Glad ya'll had fun!