The Contentment Experiment

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Jeremiah and I have ventured on a two week "Contentment Experiment"

Here are the details:

1) Memorize Hebrews 13:5 (click here to read it)
2) Not spend any money outside of gas and groceries or other absolute necessities.

We aren't doing this because we don't have any money nor do we think that there is anything wrong with enjoying the good things the Lord blesses us with. Instead, our motivation is to be more intentional in our commitment to contentment.
Or as Pastor Clay put it, we are determining to be content.

Sounds simple enough.
After all, I am a frugal-meister and Jeremiah is not too far behind me.
I certainly don't look to things for my happiness or fulfillment.

I'll be keeping up with how things are going...
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Tasha Via said...

I think that is awesome! We've been trying to do this for several months now and I can really tell a difference in my perspective

Kelly Via said... does this mean no CVS?? that a necessity;) ?!

Jeremullet said...

NO CVS! I get me wife back!!!

wait a second...i don't actually spend any "real" money when I that definitely doesn't count!

sorry babe =)

Jeremullet said...