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I have been stressing about halloween costumes for my kids for the past few weeks. We actually were even given two great costumes this year that I was counting on using, but...they both are just a little too small for Ella and a little too big for Ezra =(

I even toyed with the idea of just skipping costumes altogether (I know...gasp!) but Grey Stone does a HUGE fall festival event...and, well...I admit, I don't want my kids to be the only ones there not in costume.

Now I consider myself a creative person and I love to it would seem that costumes would be no big deal for me. Negative. I hate it! I am way too cheap (ahem...frugal!) and refuse to spend money on an already made one and I just don't like thinking up costume ideas.

After procrastinating for several weeks, I finally had a breakthrough today!
My costume breakthrough consisted of :

1) Coming up with a doable idea...whew, that was a biggie!
2) Making it out to the store today and collecting everything I needed

now if only I can actually make it all come together!

Am I the only mom to feel this "costume-anxiety?"
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Kelly Via said...

Old Navy's costume sale took care of that one for me. Or, consignment sales in previous years! So, I'm so curious...what did you come up with??

Michaella said...

Can't wait to see what you decided on! Thanks to ebay and craigslist, I always sell last years and buy this years and come out pretty even. I think I ended up spending .50 this year after it was all said and done.

Tasha Via said...

I kinda stressed out about it last year, but we are just keeping it simple. Rainy is going to be a princess (since she has tons of princess dresses) and Zeke will find something cool to wear in all the dress-up clothes. Maybe a cross-dresser?=) j/k, I think we have a lion costume in there or something!

Abigayle said...

I'm stoked for Halloween and the upcoming weekend.