Big girl...

I think I can safely say that Ella is now 100% potty trained! She has been day trained for months now...but, we were definitely still needing the pull-ups at night. of this morning...she has "kept my unnerwears dry" for 2 weeks straight!


Kelly Via said...
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Kelly Via said...

Cana is so opposite! Cana still wears pull-ups at night...but she always keeps them clean and dry. She will even get up at night to go if she needs to. It's during the day that we are still working on stopping and going...

Maybe I should let her try her big girl undies at night? She may really like that!

Congratulations Ella! You are such an awesome big girl!

Jessie said...

What a relief. I just got my younger son out of diapers, glad that's over with. Enjoy it while you can. And buy cute unnewouears.

the broomes said...

Wow, that's great guys!!!! Joshua too has been day-trained for months now but I don't feel like we're anywhere close to having night time down. ...This means that when baby comes in 6 weeks or less, we will be buying diapers/pull-ups in three different sizes!!! AGGHHHH!!!! Oh well...there are worse things:)
Way to go, Ella!!!!


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