the invasion...

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Ladybugs have invaded our home this past week...much to Ella's delight!

She will chase them around the house until she catches one and lets it climb all over her...talking to it, "oh, you're cute!"...and sets them "free" outside. She has rescued several from the clutches of Ezra, and came to me in tears after one "broke".

I don't know how long this invasion will last...but I love watching her enjoyment over something so simple.
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mommajeane said...

I love the look on both of their faces.... She is so innocent and he is trouble :)Made us all smile tonite just to see them.

Kelly Via said...

I love all the beautiful smiles that you are capturing in your photos here lately. Ella is so pretty.

I bet she is loving the ladybugs!

Tasha Via said...

I Love her sincere smile! Those ladybugs would get "broken" a in a second here too=)