I'll think I'll wait a few more months before attempting this again...

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I have written about my love of the library in previous posts. I still do. However...I learned today that I do not love story hour at the library with a crazed 13 month old in tow!

I am pretty sure you are not supposed to allow your child to do the following:

1) Walk around and gleefully "bop" all the other kids on the back of the head

2) Attempt to steal the book that is currently being read from the story hour person-in-charge

3) When attempt #2 fails due to moms interruption , move on to attempt to steal the books-in-waiting

4) Stand at the front of the room and clap your hands and yell in your best t-rex impersonation

5) Throw yourself on the floor and squeeze through the maze of 30-something children, chairs, bags, and parents

6) Attempt round two of "bopping" your new friends heads

Needless to say...we left early =)
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Heather said...

That is so funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has days like this. What was Ella thinking/doing? Welcome to having BOYS!

Tasha Via said...

Haha, now that is exactly the reason we have YET to make it to our library! There is no "quiet voice" for a 2 year old=)
That is SOOO funny!

Deb H said...

like father like son, that'a all I can say. Don't ya just love them boys!! I think they are the greatest. Especially when they really believe they ARE a T-REX!!

Kelly Via said...

This is so funny!! I guess quiet little Ezra is finding is loud side?!! I would have loved to have seen this one!!

Well...I give you a lot of kudos, because as you can see, we have never been to story hour...