Giving up my capability...

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So, I was a rough day for me.

Whoever thought to call it "morning" sickness was just wrong. Yes, you might feel sick in the morning, but it is most definitely not limited to morning. I vote we call it morning-noon-and- night-sickness.

Hmm...doesn't have quite the same ring to it though =)

I had a long list of stuff I wanted to get done today...11 to-do's to be exact.

I got 3 of them checked off.

However, I did manage to clean, dress, feed, and play with the, I'll call it a successful day.

I knew that with this new pregnancy that I would have days like this. That's why I think the Lord has been showing me so much lately about my weakness...and his strength. I have always considered myself a capable person. After all I am a list maker, type A, go-get-um and just do it "one of those" kinds...

With the news of the new baby I admit that one of my first reactions was total overwhelment. (I mean, I was just feeling like I was getting the hang of two! How do you go anywhere with three?) I could feel my capability slipping away.

The Lord showed me that very same weekend that we learned of baby #3 two things:

1) I can't
2) He can

I know, I know...very deep truths here. You might need to read them a few times or with a dictionary by your side =) But, no matter how basic those truths are...I desperately needed to hear them at that time...and I repeat it to myself several times a day now. You might have noticed that a lot of my memory verses lately have been ones pertaining to the Lord's strength being made perfect in my weakness.

So, here goes...I am giving up my capability, and resting in the strength of my savior.

Even if I am struggling with morning-noon-and-night sickness =)
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mommajeane said...

This too shall pass... great attitude and motivation for all of us. I hope you feel better... love you.

Tasha Via said...

You are going to do a GREAT job because you have this outlook. And because God has given you the gift to be a good mom.
Hope you start feeling better!