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I took Ella today for her 3 year check-up at the pediatricians...only to find out that she has pneumonia. She has been battling a cough for almost a month now, but she has really handled it well...and I had no idea it had gotten that bad. She is on a strong antibiotic now and will hopefully be able to kick the cough in time for our Thanksgiving trip to Myrtle Beach.

Also, Ezra has a nasty little virus that is making him miserable...fever and fussy and refusing to eat. Anytime he doesn't eat you know he doesn't feel good!

My poor little babies!

Besides the pneumonia...the visit went well (considering I had both of them with me!) The doctor seemed quite impressed with Ella's development. She is almost off the charts for her height like always and actually made it into the 40% for her weight at just shy of 30lbs! She didn't do so well on her hearing test, so we have to make a follow up appointment at the ENT to check on that. The visit ended with a flu shot...but she handled it well.

Ella insisted on bringing Guacamole (her beloved baby doll) with her and requested that the doctor check her over too =) I'm sure you will all be relieved to know that Guacamole is in good health.

As we were getting back into the car I told Ella that because she was such an exceptional helper to me at the doctors I was going to let her have a "special treat"...usually a small toy or ice cream.

However, today she told me that for her special treat she wanted to "go see my Daddy".

How sweet is that.
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We will be praying for Ella and Ezra. I am so sorry to hear about her being so sick. I think it is awesome that she wanted to go see her daddy as her "treat". I know it did his heart good as well. We will miss you all at Thanksgiving but we are looking forward to Christmas. Love to you all!

Deb H said...

ohh, I hate they are sick babies.
I am sure Jeremiah's face lit up when he heard what Ella wanted. ;-) She's daddy's little girl! Can't wait to see you all next week! Hope you are feeling well Jenn! Take it easy and get some rest if you can!
We love an miss you all bunches!!