16 month update

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Even as I write this I can't believe our little guy is 16 months old. I think I still consider him a baby in my mind...

He isn't a little baby anymore though...much as I would sometimes like to keep him that way!

He is extremely social and loves all people. Whenever we go to a park or the mall or the library he really isn't too interested in the playground or books or whatever...but, oh he loves "attempting" to make friends with all the other little kids. We still have yet to have a day where he doesn't smile going into his nursery class...and have never experienced any separation anxiety with him.

He is basically a fruitatarian...or a fruitaholic. His favorite foods are bananas, raisins, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, oranges, apples, pineapples, cranberries...and the occasional chicken nugget or yogurt or goldfish cracker.

He is still a great sleeper for us. He usually sleeps from 8pm-8am at night and still takes two 2 hour naps (at least) a day. While he is still holding onto that morning nap...I do see it starting to disappear and won't be surprised if we drop it altogether in the next month or two.

His favorite toys are Daddy, Mommy, and Ella =) Cars, trucks, books, and his tool-sets will do too...or anything that Ella is playing with. He loves to play "gotcha" and him and Ella have their own version of Hide-and-Seek that seems to make them both happy. He loves to throw things at the moment...magnets off the fridge, toys across the living room, balls, and of course, food off his highchair tray. He is very attached to his paci and blanket...and is such a snuggler with them.

We definitely have started the discipling stage with him. While he is a laid back little guy...he has a very strong and stubborn will at times. A stern "no ma'am" was all it took with Ella most of the time and she was practically in tears...while he just gives us a mischievous smile to our "no sirs" and taps on the hand. He is going to keep us on our toes. Any recommendations for books on raising boys is appreciated!

While he knows how to communicate what he wants, his vocabulary is still yet to take off. He can say Daddy and Mama, Ella, Uh-oh, tree, and thank-you...but that is about it. He can sign thank you, more, please, thirsty, and all done...when he wants to =) We have just started working with him on eating with utensils this week...and we have been shocked at how well he is doing. He seems quite proud of himself =)

He has followed exactly in his sisters footsteps when it comes to ear infections and he is scheduled for ear tube surgery on February 10th. Hopefully they will help him out as much as they did for Ella. I won't be surprised if his language takes off after the surgery when he can hear much better.

He continues to be such a great source of joy to us...there is nothing that warms my heart more than his big dimply smile and sparkling blue eyes. The past weeks events have reminded me once again of the blessing of perspective...cherish each moment the Lord has given me with him.

I am so incredibly blessed to be his Momma.
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mommajeane said...

I love all the pictures... thanks Jenn.

Tim said...

It's so funny to see Jermiah's man-hands in contrast to Ezra's face. He's gonna grow up to be a stud like his dad...

Kelly Via said...

Yea, I agree with Tim about the contrast between little face and big hand...

I loved the update!! Way to go with the utensils...I'm so proud of you...and Ezra too!

I still think of Ezra as a baby too...but he is really growing up!