A Grocery Experiment

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Growing up my Mom always went to the grocery store every week...so, naturally after I got married that is just what I did too. However, I decided a few weeks ago to change up my normal grocery shopping routine and only go to the store every 2 weeks.

I was motivated to make these changes for the following reasons:

1) As much as I love running errands with the kids in tow...my concentration is sorely tested when trying to keep up with 2 toddlers, coupons, the sales flyer, and my list. So, I would normally shop on Jeremiah's day off while he watched the kids...and I always hated to give up our precious time together for this. Shopping every 2 weeks would give us 2 extra days a month without the interruption of my grocery shopping trip planned into his day off.

2) We get paid every 2 weeks...self-explanatory =)

3) Since I do use coupons, sales flyers, The Grocery Game, and meal planning when I shop...I feel like I would have more time to prepare and be less likely to overspend due to lack of planning.

4) I'm not sure of the "why" behind this...but I feel like I am able to push our money farther by having $135 verses $75. I reserve about $15 for the 2nd week for a quick trip for things like fruit and milk and the items that it is just not possible to keep fresh for 2 weeks.

This has been the 1st month I have done this, and so far I am really pleased with how well it has worked out. I haven't run out of things (my biggest fear with the change) and I have enjoyed having a whole week to not even worry about making it to the store.

What about you...What is your system and why does it work for you?
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Anonymous said...

I need a system - my current system is to go to the store 2-3 times per week when we need something - I used to be much more organized. It saves so much money when you have a plan. I am proud of myself though - yesterday I bought toothpaste and toothbrushes at CVS, which we needed, got them cheaper with coupons and made $5.50 in ECB...so very exciting for me! Now I just have to remember to use them... Hope you are well!

Kristen Snyder

Heather said...

Meal planning! Works wonders, plus couponing, and sales ads.

Michaella said...

I do one big shopping trip every 2 weeks and try to save some money back just in case GG has something I just can't pass up the 2nd week. :)
I really want to get into making a weekly menu. I think it will save me time and money to be more organized, especially by cutting down (or out?) my desire to eat out somewhere just because it's easier and I don't know what to fix for dinner. What works for you in meal planning?

Heather said...

I look through the sales ads, and my coupons. Based on the meat that I already have stocked up or what's on sale, I then plan my meals. I buy all my can foods at Aldi's. We also have a deep freezer which really comes in handy. I stock up on sale items and we grow a lot of our vegetables.

We should get together and get all these money savings ideas out!