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We woke up to a full-blown winter storm this morning at my parents...and in our efforts to make it home before things got any worse and we wouldn't be able to make it home...

Jeremiah had a run-in with a mail-box...

and the mail-box won =)

Yes, the back window is gone and the door handle too.

We "ghetto'd" it home with some cardboard and duct tape =)

I'm just so glad it was him and not me!
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Stephen C said...

wow, that must have been one beast of a mailbox

Briana said...

at least you managed to not damage both your cars this time wink wink, not that that's ever happened before though, right? hehehee (make sure you let Jeremiah know that i'm laughing at him ok ;)

Kelly Via said...

Well that makes two run ins with a mailbox in two weeks or so, right? Yours looks good now compared to Jeremiahs... Which really stinks!! Sorry for your demon possessed mail boxes!

Deb H said...

I have just one question Jermeiah,
Just how fast were you going? ;-)


Glad you missed the telephone pole! Praise the Lord! We miss you guys!

Mom & Dad