Making the best of it...

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We decided that nobody in the church nursery would appreciate my kids "sharing" their bronchitis and ear the kids and I are staying home this morning and doing our own version of "church". All three of us slept till 9am this morning there is no way we even could have made it to church on time anyway =)

Ella received a great cd of scripture memorization songs for Christmas...and we have been listening to them all morning. Her favorite is the "taken your word in my heart" song based on Psalm 119:11. We must have hit repeat about 300 times =)

Then I made up a simple craft so we could do our own lesson on what it means to "take God's word in your heart".

And finally, heart shaped grilled cheese is on the menu for lunch.

Ezra is taking his morning nap now, and Ella just went to, I am planning on spending some time in the word myself...

Here's to making the most of a Sunday morning at home.
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mommajeane said...

It sounds like you did make the most of it... I am sure they loved it. I am praying you all feel better and are healed of this nasty you all!

Deb H said...

you are such a good mommy!
I would love to have a grilled cheese party when we get there! ;-)
I want mine heart shaped too!!

We love you guys and will see you soon.

Tasha Via said...

You are a GREAT mommy=)

Hollan said...

Hey Jen,I am prayin 4 u all! I miss u guys!