Welcoming 2009 with the sniffles...

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Why is it that one of that you can always count on getting sick the week after the holidays? As far back as I can remember...we have always gotten sick in early January.

Yes, the kids and I are sick again.

It is a very cold and rainy day here today...so, coupled with the snotty noses...we are having a quiet day at home...complete with lots of snuggle time, cartoons, special juice mixes, extra naptimes, and putting to good use all of the new coloring books and crayons Ella got for Christmas!

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mommajeane said...

Sending love and healing kisses to our sweeties in NC... you can actually send them back several of us are sick too.... Gotta love the winter.

Deb H said...

Sorry you guys are sick again....
Hope you are better soon!

MeMe sends love and kisses too. Poppe and I are not feeling well either. Joy is on her way home from Wake and she sounds terrible too.
Ok, let's all get to over with this week and that is it! No more sickness. I say bring on the Springtime. We will all pray for each other.

Tasha Via said...

Zeke is on anti-biotics and I'm sick again too! BUT, we are on our way home PTL=)

Hope you start feeling better soon!