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I find it sort of funny that my warm-natured in-laws are visiting us during the coldest weather we have experienced here in NC since 2000.

They spent 9 years in the Amazon jungle of Venezuala, only 3 degrees north of the equator. A cold day for them was 85 degrees. Now they live in sunny Florida...not exactly known for its dismal winters.

I'll have to make sure we only plan indoor activities for them =)

Too bad we aren't getting any snow with all this cold weather.

How are you all fairing with this cold snap?
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Briana said...

It is currently 25 degrees in Chattanooga. Don't worry though, we're expecting a high of 27....sigh. However Chaz tells me this is short sleeve weather in Montana...perspective, it's all about perspective. Either way i'm chilly!

Addie said...

Ah, make them go outside!!! Their sunny FL was 29 this morning :)