Of our trip...

Getting to visit my Dad's parents...Gramma and Grampa.

They had only met Ezra as a newborn...and, well...he wasn't as well behaved this time =)

Getting to visit my mom's Dad...my Grandad.

After Grandmother died last spring his health has been deteriorating. While hard to see him looking so frail (unlike the energetic football coaching, deck building, master gardening Grandad I remember as a child) it was a sweet visit and I am so glad we took the opportunity to see him.

Grandad worked his "go to sleep" magic on Ezra

We also were able to make a visit to my Grandmother's gravesite.

A whirlwind of a trip...and an emotional one as well...but, I am so thankful for what my Grandparents have meant in my life and the opportunity to share that with Jeremiah and Ella and Ezra is such a gift to me.


mommajeane said...

We loved having you all. Glad you finally got home safe. Watch those mailboxes... Most people use bats around here to destroy a mailbox...

Briana said...

i thought Jeremiah stayed home? i'm confused...(what else is new, right?)

grandparents are the best. best, best, best.

Deb H said...

Those pictures are PRICELESS!! I am so glad you got to see your grandparents. What a wonderful trip, and family reunion.


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