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I want to start this post by first saying that we are so blessed.

Despite our loss...we are so incredibly blessed. God is good.

It has been a very sad and eventful week...but God has been so real to us and we have felt his presence throughout everything.

I just wanted to an update on a few things that happened the rest of the week:

Warning: This might be a bit long and technical...I just wanted to keep you all in the loop and let you know how to pray specifically for us.

We were surprised to hear from my doctor on Thursday that she had lab results on the baby already (we were told it would be 4-6wks before we could know anything). She told us that I had had a partial molar pregnancy. It is very rare (only 1 in 2000 pregnancies) and occurs when the baby receives an extra set of chromosomes during fertilization. The extra chromosomes in a partial molar pregnancy always result in severe abnormalities in the placenta and the baby, always leading to miscarriage.

Also, there is abnormal cell tissue in a molar pregnancy...and in 5% of cases...if all the tissue is not removed it can regrow and lead to cancer. Because of this risk I had to go in for another ultrasound for them to make sure they didn't see any extra tissue left. I also have to go in for weekly blood tests to make sure that my hormone levels return to zero. Once they return to zero I have to continue with monthly blood tests for a year to make sure that there is no tissue regrowth. We also have to be very cautious not to get pregnant again until we are sure that I am clear, as it would cause severe problems for the new pregnancy. They also found some large cysts on one of my ovaries (that weren't there just a few weeks earlier) that they will monitor by ultrasound.

Obviously, all this news was a little unsettling...but we know that the Lord is in control. Please pray that everything clears up quickly so we can continue on in our healing.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support...

God is good.
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mommajeane said...

Yes, He is and He loves us threw everything...I was blessed to see and watch the 2 of you walk thru this past week knowing and feeling His love around you. I love you guys very much.

Tim said...

Pal, Jenn, Ella, Ezra, and Baby... We love you.

We love you! Let me know if you want to drop the kids off here or want us to come there for any of those doctor appointments. I miss the days of deciding at the last minute to hang out! You'd think we lived so far apart now :)

the broomes said...

Thank you for the update, Jenn. We continue to pray for ya'll. Thank you for being a testimony and encouragement of God's goodness in such a difficult time.