Technology-Free Thursdays

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Goal #6 on my list of 2009 aspirations was to go on more dates.

Ideally, we would go on a date every week.

In reality though, this is hard for us for two major reasons:

1) Finding a baby-sitter
2) Paying for a baby-sitter

So I knew when I made this goal that we were going to have to get creative. Here is the plan we have come up with so far...

1) We have worked one official date night out a month into the budget...covering the cost of a babysitter and the night out.

2) We have enlisted the generosity of a dear lady from our church (for free!) to watch the kids one morning a month for a coffee and breakfast date.

3) We came up with the idea of dubbing Thursday nights our "technology-free Thursdays" and having our own mini-date night at home after the kids are in bed. No TV, no computers, and no blackberry =)

What about you? How do you work date nights out for yourself? I'd love any ideas!
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Allyson Hemric said...

give me a call anytime yall need a night out, i'm only a short drive away and its a great reason to come home for the weekend! - and your kids are joy to keep :D

Tasha Via said...

We have LOTS of mini-home date nights too. Nothing special, just "us time" (playing games, sitting on the swing drinking hot chocolate wrapped up in a blanket, short walks around the cul-de-sac, etc.
We also have some sweet friends that will watch our kids for free which is a HUGE blessing. A goal of ours in 2009 was to have a date night 2 times a month. We try to find coupons or free places to go, even if it's just to get coffee and walk around in a new part of uptown charlotte that we've never explored. Parks are fun too. We RARELY see movies because they are so expensive AND you really don't get to spend time talking together which is our main reason for going on a date=)

Our thing is we get too caught up and dates take the back burner so we have been planning them in advance this year and it's been SO nice to already have childcare lined up and everything in order.

Okay, now that I wrote a book I'm gonna go=)

Love ya, Jenn
So proud of you!

Kelly Via said...

Sounds incredible, Jen! Jonathan and I love date nights...we have one coming up tomorrow, and I can't wait!! We have several people in our church now that are will watch our children for free for us, which is a huge blessing! You can't thank someone enough for that!
You know, maybe you and I need to get a babysitting swap going on here. I know we are a pretty far drive, but if we plan it out, maybe we could make it work...every month or every other month at least!? Lets talk.

mommajeane said...

That sounds like a great idea Kelly.. What with the rate babysitters charge now a days... the sitter can be the most expensive part of the date... I am going to put in for a raise for all you guys... so you can afford to go on a date more often :)

Michaella said...

We'll be glad to trade babysitting with you guys. We do that with the Taylors and its works out great! Also, the Y has parents night out every so often. It costs a little something, but they plan lots of fun stuff for the kids from 5:30-8:45.

Deb H said...

I think you should relocate. I offer free babysitting EVERY WEEK if you do!! FREE!!

Just wishful thinking I know... ;-(
The swapping with friends is your next best idea. Works out great for everyone.

We love and miss you guys!! Want to date in Rke next week, give me a call! ;-)We're in town all week!

We're big fans of the "after the baby is in bed" date nights. We love to pull out a board game or snuggle up w/ a movie!