Bowl of Beans

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When we were little my mom had a big bucket of dried beans. Every so often she would spread a sheet on the floor, put out bowls and spoons and kitchen utensils, and pull down the bucket of beans for us to play with.

I remember making countless bowls of "soup" with my older sis out of these beans. I remember digging my hands into the bottom of bucket. Then my feet. Then my face. Hey, I was little then! I remember sorting the black ones from the white ones and the red ones from the speckled ones.

Countless hours of fun for a preschooler!

I had made a bucket up for Ella as soon as she passed the ol' "everything goes into the mouth stage". She loved it! I kept it reserved for special occasions when I really needed a new and fun activity for her that would occupy her attention for a little while. However, once Ezra was born I put it away until he passed the "everything goes into the mouth" stage. He is much better about taste testing everything now, so I thought we'd give it a try this morning.

You can tell from the pictures that this was a big hit!
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Jeanne said...

We do this too! Tons of different types of beans, in an under-bed box, big enough for them to basically play in. They LOVE them, partly because I don't let the box come out very often. And if we ever get hard up.....dinner!

Anonymous said...

This is a Montessori lesson actually - transfering the beans (via hands, spoons, whatever) builds fine motor skills. Not only is it fun, its educational too!


Heather said...

Great idea! Sounds fun!