An everyday conversation

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Me: Ok, Ella it's time for your nap. Go pick out one book for us to read together.

Ella: I'm going to pick out four books!

Me: How about two.

Ella: Reluctantly picks out two books.

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Allyson Hemric said...

thats too funny!

I know how that goes though, usually when i babysit her ill tell her to pick 2 books and she brings back 5.

Addie said...

My personal favorite with numbers is telling them how many more bites to take... I say 4... then in their rebellion, they say 6....
Me: "Oh, okay, you win, you can have 6 bites." :-)

I am the mom said...

Sara Beth works her way up, so when I say "you can have one" she says "I want one, two, free, fur, five!" :)

Jeanne said...

Do you have the book "Olivia"? Great book. She and her mom have the same kind of conversation.