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Several people have asked how we redid the fireplace, so here is the low down:

Supplies needed:

- Masonry primer: Easily found at Lowes for about $20 a can. It took a whole can to cover our fireplace because so much of it soaks into the brick. Make sure you get a masonry primer because it seals the brick for the next coat of paint

-Paint: Any interior paint will work once the brick has been primed. We used a semi-gloss finish.

- Good painters tape: Again, found at Lowes for about $5 a roll.

- 1/2" thick paint rollers: You'll need the thicker napped roller to make the painting easier and to fill in all the crevices of the brick

- Drip cloths/paint brushes/etc.

- Spray Paint: The kind that adheres to metal.

Total cost of everything for us was around $80.


1) Prep the fireplace
- Remove brass fireplace grate
- Pull off old mantle
- Clean off brick
- Tape off edges
- Lay drop cloths, etc.

2) Prime the fireplace
- It only took one coat for us

3) Paint the fireplace
- Again, just one coat was all it took

4) Spray paint the old brass fireplace grate

5) Wait for everything to dry =)

6) Put new black grate back on
- We had looked at purchasing a brand new grate, but the cheapest ones we could find (that we liked) were $300. So we just decided that we would go with the old one...made new with a $6 can of spray paint!

7) Put mantle back on
- If you aren't able to remove the mantle like we were, just tape the edges really well.

And there you have it folks, a simple 1 1/2 day project for under $100 that makes a big difference!

By the way, HGTV...if you are reading this...I would LOVE my own show =)
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Kelly Via said...

I would watch your show!

mommajeane said...

I was thinking the same thoughts too Kelly... actually we both know her to well... she is in heaven on projects like this.Just don't ask her where she got her desire to move furniture... mine drove Abraham crazy but he learned great mobiltiy techniques for a blind person .

Allyson Hemric said...

you should go on design star!! :D

best show ever!

AND THEN you could get your own show.

Jeremullet said...

Yea, then I could be the hunky handyman who cuts wood on your show, but we could make out and no one could say anything cause were married.