Holy Week: Passover Meal

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After doing some research on an authentic passover meal, called a Seder, we decided to designate tonight as our passover night.

Now, an authentic Seder includes the following foods:

Red Wine
Matzah or unleavened bread
Roasted lamb bone
Bitter Herbs: Horseradish
Green Vegetable: Parsley
Apples and nuts
Eggs, hard boiled
Salt water

However, due to budget constraints and the fact that I wouldn't even know where to begin to cook a lamb bone...much less explain to my children why I am serving them horseradish and parsley...We opted to make a few substitutions =)

Our passover meal included:

Grape juice
Roasted chicken cooked in "bitter herbs" aka italian seasoning =)
Crackers - I've had matza before...blahh!
Broccoli and green beans- as our green vegetables

Before dinner we read to the kids a portion of John 13, the night before Jesus went to the cross. A major act of that "last supper" was Jesus washing his disciples feet. A very humbling act, that only slaves did at the time. Yet, Jesus did it and demonstrated his servants heart through it.

To drive home this concept to Ella and Ezra we washed each others feet tonight. They loved it. Actually, Ezra had his done two times =) I'm pretty sure they didn't understand the significance and concept behind it...but they will someday.

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mommajeane said...

How precious... I am sure they will get sometime.

Tasha Via said...

The meal is a GREAT idea, Jenn!

My kids really liked their feet being washed last year. It was such a special time...