Weekend Project

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I woke up Saturday morning and said to myself, "Self, lets makeover the fireplace today."

It was about this point that I realized that self and I had better inform Jeremiah of his new-found plans for his Saturday =)

Since he had a middle school boys campout to get to and I only had the use of his massive muscles for a few short hours...we got right to work. I went off to Lowes to gather supplies and left him to "prep" the fireplace and entertain the kids.

Side note: I love the way Lowes smells =)

Somewhere between when I left and I got home...Jeremiah decided that it was a great idea to repaint some of the spots in the bathroom that had needed touching up.

Now, I probably wouldn't have encouraged this...seeing as how we were now very committed to the fireplace project...and cramming another project into our very short timetable was a tad bit overwhelming to me.

But hey, when the man gets motivated, just get out of the way and let him go! =)

Without further ado...

The before shot:

The during shot:

Oh yes, the kids were a huge help =)

And finally...the after shot:

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Unbelieveable! It is beautiful. Why haven't you done that to my house!

Erin said...

that looks great Jenn!!

ps I love the way Lowes smells too...i don't know why though because it's an odd smell. But, it never fails, right when I step in the door, I take a BIG sniff! Kinda like in a shoe store! :)

mommajeane said...

It looks great.. super job. It changes the appearance lots.

Addie said...

Wow! It doesn't even look like the same fire place! :) Good job!

Kelly Via said...

Another great makeover by Jennifer Hambrick...when are you going to get your own tv show?? It looks GREAT!! Way to go!

Jeanne said...

Wow! Tim has always hated that fireplace. I think he'll really like the change. The Hambrick family is a machine!

Tasha Via said...

I'm Speechless!!

Allyson Hemric said...

Looks great Jenn! now yall can mark another big to do off the list! It really does make everything go together better - cant wait to see it in person.

and i have to agree the smell of lowes is amazing!

Jeanne said...

I guess I'm gonna have to go to Lowe's and sniff the place. I was there over the weekend and I love the place, but I have to admit I've never noticed the smell.

Sheri said...

You guys did a great job!!! It is beautiful.

Wow! Good work! :)

Deb H said...

Wow!! How did you do that?? I need you to come "play" at my house!!