Holy Week: Clean House Clean Hearts

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In preparation for the passover, Jewish families typically set aside a day for cleaning.

No surprise here, but I actually like to clean, so this one was right up my ally =)

I also love the symbolism involved in cleaning...not just physically cleaning out a closet or a room...but spiritually cleaning and examining what is in my heart as we approach this Easter Sunday.

I've gone through so many Easters as a Christian (16 of them to be exact) that it is easy to just go through the motions and not really think about the magnitude of what I'm celebrating...

My prayer this whole week is that the story of what Christ did on the cross would be made new and fresh to me.

Back to the cleaning...

We got the kids involved with their own sets of spray bottles and rags. Ezra is a dangerous sweeping machine =) We talked about the importance of not just having a clean house, but having clean hands and a pure heart before the Lord.

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Tasha Via said...

Are your kids still asking for cleaning bottles to clean today? Mine are=)

Happy Good Friday, from one Good Friday Gal to another=)