Duke Gardens Date

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Taking advantage of my mom's willingness to babysit, Jeremiah and I headed out Saturday for a date.

First stop, our favorite Durham Mexican restaurant, El Rodeo. I'm salivating just thinking about it =)

Second stop, waffle cones at Ben & Jerry's.

Third stop, Sarah P. Duke Gardens. While we've been to Duke Gardens before, we've never taken the time to actually walk around and see all that there is.

Over 55 acres of incredible gardens. If you've never been...go.

I now see why so many couples get engaged there...very romantical =)

Back at home, Nana and the kids were having a blast! Ella was expertly manipulating Nana into ice cream and extra books at bedtime.

After all, that's what Nana's are for =)

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mommajeane said...

It was a great weekend...I am missing you all already. You have such a beautiful home and even with all the chaos of lots of kids it is very peaceful :)

Tasha Via said...

Jenn, that picture of you and Jeremiah is SO good!!! I'm so glad you had such a good, relaxing, "romantical" time=)