Baking Week (with the kids)

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Step one: Choosing the Recipe/Making the Shopping List

I really wanted to involve them in the process so Ella and I looked at several recipes and I let her choose two. I explained that we needed everything to have everything in the recipe list and had her help me "look" for the ingredients in our pantry. Whatever we didn't have we put on the list.

Step two: Shopping

We headed to ol' wally world (over nap-time...yikes!) and found everything on our list...and of course, a few things not on our list. I let Ella hold the list and "pay" for everything.

Step three: Let's Do It!

Once we established our ground rules (see below) the fun began...

1) Wash your hands before you start
2) Put good (and loud) music on
3) Everyone must sample and lick the bowl and spoons

Ezra is very obedient (as you can tell) when in comes to rule #3

Many many hours later...the finished spread!

- Hershey Kiss peanut butter cookies
- Coconut thumbprint cookies with apricot jam
- Chocolate covered pretzels

By the end of the afternoon...

I was a mess...

They were a mess...

My kitchen was a mess...

We all had tummy-aches...

But, oh what fun!
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mommajeane said...

Yummy.. they look so good and so do the cookies. I love the kids pictures... Ezra and Ella looked like they enjoyed themselves.