Book Recommendations, Anyone?

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I am at that place. The in-between books place.

Sometimes after I've just finished a really good book (or a few good books in a row!) I am almost hesitant to start another one. It's almost like I am not done digesting it yet. Anyone else?

Alas, I must eventually move on...

Anything you've been reading lately that you could recommend?
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Jennifer said...

Maybe you've read these, but if not, give them a try:

There is no me without you.
Does anybody else look like me?
From ashes to africa.

GinSpaghetti said...

Just posted some books yesterday! :) Heart of Christianity is one I left off, but it's good. A little deep.

I've heard that The Help is good, I haven't gotten it yet. Same Kind of Different As Me was a favorite this year. I have Forgotten God but haven't read it yet, I imagine it would be just as good as Crazy Love - which if you haven't read is AMAZING.

I'm reading through Forgotten God right now . . . definitely a great book :)

Briana said...

my input:

spritual book: Love and Respect (this is a GREAT book for understanding the differences between men and women and how to approach marriage biblically. it's enterainging and easy to read too ;)

fun book: the twilight series if you haven't read them...

mystery: I"m really enjoying the William Monk Mysteries right now. If you like sherlock homes and victorian mysteries they are pretty good i think the author is Anne something....??