Saturday Thoughts (Since I missed Thursday and Friday altogether!)

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Yikes. Two weeks until Christmas!

For some reason I feel like I have a lot to do. But I don't.

We are keeping Christmas very simple this year (I'll be writing on some of our ideas next week) and I am loving it.

Except for those moments when I feel like I have a million things to do!

My parents (and siblings Joseph and Cate) left for Bulgaria yesterday for the last and final trip to bring home my two newest siblings Andrew and Gracie! Please pray for them over these next two weeks. They are flying in on Christmas about a great Christmas present! You can read more on my mom's blog to stay updated.

Can I admit I am a tiny bit jealous of them?

Not jealous in a bad way...just jealous because I wish we were also traveling to go pick up our children. Now that we are done having to do so much and into the waiting waiting waiting part of our adoption (and I am not the most patient waiter) I just want to be on that side of things.

Moving on...

We took the kids on a sleigh ride last night. So much fun! Ella really wanted to ride the horse, but she got over her disappointment pretty quick. Ezra actually sat still and quiet the whole ride. Amazing! My only disappointment was that it wasn't a very long ride. But, hey...when it is free you can't be too picky! It was also very very cold and I'm not sure the kids would have lasted too much longer.

We are still waiting to de-pacify Ezra. He still has a bit of his cold left and we have a lot of Holiday traveling coming up. We figure it would be better to talk it up with him and wait until he is healthy and we aren't traveling anywhere. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes.

Because I know it is just absolutely riveting to read about. Ha!

Happy Saturday!
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Jeanne said...

New family members at home for Christmas! What could be more exciting? TJ came home on December 22, '06, and it made for a memorable holiday! I'm so happy for your Mom. (And the rest of the family, but your Mom is cool.)