Extreme Home Makeover: The Gingerbread House Edition (and Not Me Monday)

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Ezra was a little excited to get things started...

She spent the whole time never noticing the perfect white blop of icing on her nose!

The cutest little bottoms you ever did see...

The finished masterpiece!

And my Not Me Monday confession:

It did not take every ounce of willpower I have for me not to step in and "fix" their house!

Oh no. I would never be so controlling as to want to do something like that, much less have to physically distance myself and put my hands in my pockets so they don't take over for me!

I'm cool and always go with the flow and just allow my children to happily express their creative selves (and all that).

Happy Monday!
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So cute! I want to make one with the girls - but we might have to make that a project for next year . . . too much already going on! Oh, and I have SUCH a hard time holding back from making every one of their projects look "perfect."

P.S. Hope you are all feeling better!

Erin said...

i thought about you saturday night in the nursery. i was coloring a picture ever so perfectly...then i had to step away for a minute. when i came back, some little hands had colored all over it. i had to remember we were there for THEM to have fun and my picture did not matter...i could color another one. allyson laughed at me!