Photojournal:Christmas Date

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Jeremiah and I had our Christmas date last week.

This was a new tradition for us...and we had so much fun that we will be doing it every year now!

Heading out...

I apologize for the horrible quality of the next photo's. Nothing like the high quality of a camera phone.

Getting ready to ice skate in downtown Raleigh...
No, that is not dandruff on Jeremiah's was snowing!

We realized (moments before going out on the ice) that it had been eleven years since either one of us had ice-skated. was only Jeremiah's second time.


Oh yes. One more thing. We aren't in high school anymore either.


We were seriously doubting the wisdom of our date decision at this point.

Why didn't we want to see a movie?

All those years of homeschool skate nights...don't fail me now! all came back for me.

And as for Jeremiah.


Let's just say he should have gone to more skate nights as a teenager...


We had so much fun together...and made some great memories that will last us far longer than any gifts we would have given each other!
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Such a great idea! We might have to steal it next year. I had to laugh - why do homeschoolers (at least back in our day) always skate so much?? :)

Jennifer said...

I think you've inspired me to propose a date with my husband at the ice rink...they have a new one at wrigley field this year...we'll have to give it a try!

Dana said...

That is the most BEAUTIFUL picture of you and Jeremiah "heading out." I'm sure you skating circles around him did WONDERS for his ego. :) Love and miss you guys!