There Is Always One

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One present, that is.

One present that I just am not sure was a good idea.

Not for the kids sake.

Oh no. They love it.

It's for my sake that I'm worried about...

And maybe...a little for his sake too... (for a whole other set of reasons!)

What about you?

Anything you are re-thinking now that the reality of the Christmas present has set in?
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Bobbie Grant said...

Reagan got the exact same drum set last year. The novelty wears off, trust me. Then some random day you'll hear the bang and wonder all over again what you were thinking.

Becky Swann said...

The cow I put in Ellen's stocking that sings "we wish you a merry christmas" entirely in moo's

Jeanne said...

There IS that 572-piece (well, the box says 114 pieces, but I think they miscounted) Playmobil pirate set that's all over TJ's room. And who bought all this candy I can't stop eating?

Kelly Via said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA. I can't wait for playdate at your house. We can bring our new recorders.

Tasha Via said...

and we'll bring our drumless drum sticks=)