Raindrops on Roses...

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and whiskers on kittens...

bright paper packages and warm woolen mittens...

A lovely song.

But who really wants those things?

Here are a few of my favorite things (otherwise known as my Christmas list if money or time or gravitational laws or any other limiting forces were not an issue) :

1) One of these:

2) Fairy dust (because how fun would it be to sprinkle some on the carousel horse for your daughter and have it take off!)

3) A white Christmas

4) One of these:

5) Healthy children for the remainder of the winter

6) One of these in any size larger than the full we have!

7) At risk of revealing my inner redneck, one of these:

8) And, since I'm not limiting my list to reality, one of these would be nice too:

What are a few of your favorite things this Christmas?
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Jennifer said...

I bought my mom and step-dad that coffee maker for christmas...they already have it and love it!

I must admit, my iPhone is awesome...hope you get one too.

And that Honda mini-van is one thing I'm hoping for in 2011...probably not sooner.

Hoping you get the things you are wishing for this Christmas!

Ahhh - A Nikon SLR (surprised it didn't make your list!)I keep thinking well one of these days, when we're not making Andy's school payments, when we're not saving up for this or that, when we're not trying to adopt, when we're not...

mommajeane said...

Home with loved ones...being together.

Addie said...

Mom & I went in on the coffee maker together for an early Christmas...guess you'll just have to come visit :-) That would take care of our wish lists too... family and coffee. Who could ask for more?
Here's hoping Santa is VERY good to you this year!

Briana said...

wasn't sure to share, but figured you might rather know then not, and it's all subjective anyway....we had that coffee maker at work and it was super cool but i didn't like the coffee. You have to use the prepackaged little suckers and they really weren't good (at least the ones i tried which were quite a few). Anyway, if you've tried this and love it please feel free to disregard. Just figured I would want to know before i got one...don't hate me.