How'd I Do?

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It's no secret that I am a big list maker, goal oriented type of person and every year I relish in setting new goals for the new year.

But before I can write about my 2010 goals I need to review how 2009 went...

1) Finalizing our will and retirement set-up: Done by March 1st!

2) Maintaining and keep up with the consistency of my quiet times: It is true when they say it is hard to break a habit...and having my quiet time every morning is a life sustaining habit I don't intend to break anytime soon!

3) Keeping up with my 2008 memorizing scripture goals: I didn't do nearly as good as I did in 2008, but I still managed to "hide in my heart" a good dozen or so verses.

4) Not letting the negatives of ministry weigh me down...focusing on the positives and seeing lives changed: This is one that is really hard to evaluate and one that will be a continual goal for the rest of my life.

5) Going on more dates: We managed to go on at least one date a month this year!

6) Having more sex: Ha! You actually thought I was going to write about this one didn't you.

7) Growing a vegetable garden: Does the mold that grows on a forgotten mushroom in the refrigerator count?

8) Reading more: That was a pretty easy one =)

9) Developing more of a heart to serve and support my husband and fleshing that out every day: Just being honest, I think this is the one goal I struggled with more than any...and need to add to my 2010 list.

10) Exercising consistently: I worked out at least 5 days a week up until August of this year...but the last four months I've sort of slacked off and maybe work out 2 days a week. Now that the adoption paperwork is done (and I have my nap time back) I will pick back up again in the new year.

11) Exposing Ella and Ezra to a year full of new experiences: They had a great year!

12) Embracing the abundant life
that the Lord desires for me! Again, this one is hard to evaluate and one that will be a continual goal to which I strive!


What about you? How did you do in reaching your goals this year?

Tomorrow I'll be posting my 2010 aspirations...
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Renae said...

NO comment:-)...But I loved your list, maybe I'll borrow it!

Kelly Via said...

Sounds like you had a very blessed and productive list there, Jenn!! I am very proud of you!! Can't wait to read your 10 list! You are great with reaching your goals!!