Tissue Paper Wreaths

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Here's an easy to pull together Christmas craft idea (that I did as a kid!) that my kids had fun with earlier this week.

Materials Needed:
Green/Red tissue paper
Green construction paper

1)Cut tissue paper into 2x2 inch squares
2)Cut out two wreath templates
3)Place tissue paper over pointer finger and dip into glue

4)Place glue dipped paper on wreath
5)Fill up wreath with tissue paper "leaves" and don't forget to throw in a few berries!
6) Glue ribbon bow at top

Ezra got about halfway through then decided it would be more fun to become a monster hiding under the table...

Monster of cuteness!

So proud of their finished wreaths!
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Too cute! This will have to be our next art project. (Love the monster of cuteness) :)

I am the mom said...

Very cute! I remember doing that same activity as a kid too, except I think we did flowers. Laying on the table like that they kind of look like salads. :)

These are very cute wreaths! As are your very cute kids :) This is Charity Palmer (Jason Palmer's wife..we ate salad together once :) I enjoy reading your blog and following ya'll in the adoption process..so excited for you guys!