Not Me Monday

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I did not let my child eat cold pizza that was dropped in a parking lot. That is irresponsible.

I did not watch son #1 faceplant down the ramp at church.
Two seconds later I did not watch only daughter faceplant on top of son #1.
I did not knock son #2 over in my hurry to check on son #1 and only daughter.

And I most definitely did not laugh at the crying debacle we created that blocked all traffic and pulled all stares. That would be mean.

I did not eat the leftover crust of the above mentioned pizza. That is just gross.

(of course i wasn't crazy hungry enough for that pizza to look good because I always remember to eat three square meals a day.)

Not irresponsible.
Not mean.
Not gross.

Not me.
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Stacey said...

Please tell me the pizza was your pizza to begin with. =) Smiling here.

Pam said...

Thanks for the are a riot!

Kristen said...

I did not witness the pizza incident...if I had, Jeremiah brushed it off, so no harm done :)

and not NUTS! ;-)