Photojournal: A Day in the Life

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I thought I'd start a new tradition and once a year take a day and document it with photos. After all...these days of having three littles is only temporary and I know I would love to look back on them and remember all the details.

One thing: I decided not to focus on getting "good" photos and just try to capture our life.
Second thing: This is truly photo overload. Consider yourself warned.

Here goes...


10:00 pm
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I love that show,too!! Looks like a busy day! ;-)

Good Job! I really like that idea - I might have to steal it one day ;)

Addie said...

Love it! I think there needs to be a day in the life in Florida too :)

Tasha Via said...

Love it! When I did our day in photos it was one of the funnest things. It also helped me see (not just feel) like I really do have a lot to do during the day, ha!

Kelly Via said...

Love it!! That would be a great Idea for a free CVS book!!

mommajeane said...

I love it because we live so far from you and I can think of you all walking thru your day...makes me feel like I am there too. I think it should be more often than once a year though.

I am with Jean on her comment, once a month at least!! Loved it!

Mild News said...
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so fun! love the shot of you couponing!!!! Can you teach me the art of couponing? I am in need of some serious help!

Kelly Via said...
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Kelly Via said...

gotta love blog spammers.