photojournal: big girl room

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Ella moved into her own "big girl no boys allowed (unless they ask nice)" room a few weeks ago and as always...I have had fun getting to transform our former guest room into her new room.

I was quite proud that I was able to do this redo very frugally. Everything in the room has been repurposed from some other place in the house. The curtains were sewn from an unused bedskirt. The art is all from Ella and me. The dresser we already had and it was a find for $30 bucks at the goodwill when we did find it...we just painted and put new knobs on it.

Total cost for the entire room = $10 for a new fitted sheet.

If you look carefully in the pictures you will see...

A bed fit for a princess,
A place for everything (and everything in it's place),
A special spot just for creating,
An empty frame waiting for a new creation,
Display space for those creations,
Barbie underwear sticking out from a drawer!

And shh...sometimes when I need a break from the boys I go hide out in it too.
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Our Family said...

Very Cute! I am sure she loves having a place just for her!

Tasha Via said...

Jenn, you are absolutely amazing! The room looks great too:)

Love it!

Kelly Via said...

It looks great, Jenn! I bet Ella just loves it! Way to go with the frugal makeover!

I love it! Wonder if Ella Bella will let gramma stay in her room with her when we visit! ;-) Looks like a great hideout from the guys! ;-)