Eli update: Home 24 hours

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We've been home from the hospital a little over 24 hours now...just trying to catch up on some sleep and things around the house. I have absolutely no energy right now and would happily just lay on the couch if could be.

Can't be.

Eli is doing great. He slept well last night and continues to perk up a little bit more each day. He tires very easily and still doesn't have much appetite, but will drink for me (I'm the drink nazi around here, ha!) and we've been able to manage any pain with just tylenol.

Amazing to think that his entire head was cut open and his skull taken out just 5 days ago...and he is on tylenol. Crazy.

This boy is amazing.

His swelling is going down little by little and his left eye made a reappearance yesterday, woohoo! His head looks A.MA.ZING! I seriously have to search for his incision scar. And get this...they kept his hair. I was all geared up for his head to be shaved...but no, every last curl is still in place.

Maybe I was a little more attached to his hair than I realized =)

His hair is a hot mess at the moment because I can't put any product in it for a few weeks and I am not about to traumatize him by trying to comb anything out for a good long while. It'll just have to stay a hot mess for a little while.

And, today marks the 1 year mark that we first met our sweet boy. What a crazy wonderful year. I plan on documenting much more later...but right now, I need to get back to my dozing on the couch. After all, all of my kiddo's will be home with me by tomorrow night!
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Susan said...

Yay! My girls were asking about Eli earlier, and I wanted to check to see if you had updated your blog. This is great news of answered prayers. I know the girls will be very happy to hear this good news!