Thursday Thoughts: Happy Heart Variety

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Oh my. What a week. I am so so so so so happy to be on this side of things. So happy.



So happy.

Jeremiah is on his way to meet his dad at the halfway point and bring home our missing kiddo's.



So excited.

Let me tell you, their grandparents know how to have a good time. Swimming every day, trips to the beach, the zoo, glamour shots (yes, they still have those!), and ice's a wonder Ella and Ezra didn't throw a mutiny over coming home to us.

Now that we are over the surgery and the worst of recovery...I am fighting off feeling very antsy to have this baby. Ella came less than 2 weeks away from where I am now and Ezra came around 3 weeks I have to remind myself that it really could be sooner rather than later. Or not. But I have learned my lesson not to be caught off guard and want to be all ready for her arrival.

Last night Eli was giving Jeremiah wet willies...

Of course, Jeremiah was happy to return the favor...

Obviously, Eli's sassy self is slowly coming back.

And other than some light swelling on his left side of his really would have no idea what he just went through 6 days ago. Amazing, I tell you.

Happy (happy!) Thursday!
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Dana said...

What?!? Eli looks amazing! (Poor Ezra's not going to understand why he has to be gentle around him for a while.) So happy for you all!

Stacey said...

Hooray! Love the pictures! He looks wonderful! =)

glenda regan said...
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He looks great!!

tsendee said...

Hello! I am so glad I found this blog. I have a 7 year old daughter that has a moderate plagiocephaly--I have worried about it but didn't know what to do till now. How is Eli doing now? do you know what ages are accepted for surgery? Do CT scan or MRI used before doing surgery? I am in utah and wondering what to do with my little girl. Thank you very much.