Thursday Thoughts

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I got the privilege to take bridal portraits for a sweet friend of mine this week. And while I obviously have to keep the photo's underwraps until after the weeding, I do have permission to give a tiny little sneak peek.

It had the added benefit of getting my mind off the stresses of the week.

Which, by the way, is seeming to fly by. Thursday already?

Eli and I have had a blast together this week. While he asks me numerous times a day when his buddies are coming home, he has been eating up all the extra attention. And he has been talking my ear off. Seriously, the little boy that is so quiet when we are in public places is quite the chatterbox at home. We have gone swimming every day this week, numerous times a day, as he won't be able to swim for a good bit after his surgery. And if I have to be big and pregnant, I might as well have a tan with it, eh.

Our garden recently exploded with vegetables and we have been enjoying cucumbers, peppers, and zucchini all week. A lot of zucchini. Time to get creative with zucchini recipes.

Since I have had some extra time to read the past few days I am working on a "worth your time" post as I've read so many good articles about the orphan crisis and the appropriate response from Christians. Really good stuff people.

I've also been working on a mobile like this for Zoe's room this week.

And last but not parents are home! And my three newest siblings are just cutie patooties! Here is a picture of Stephen with the biggest smile you will ever see...

I am sad not to get to meet them soon...but we are anxiously awaiting the day when we can get together.

Happy Thursday!

p.s. I plan on giving updates on Eli's surgery on here or on facebook throughout the weekend.
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Erin Hemric said...

SO excited about the sneak peek! :) i saw the link on facebook and thought, "that's an awesome picture...WAIT! that's me!" :) you're awesome!

Susan said...

I just wanted to pop in to let you know that we are praying for your whole family--all six of you, your parents, and your in-laws who are caring for two of yours. :) We pray for Eli to have a successful surgery with no complications. If you need us, don't hesitate to ask!