Eli Update: Saturday Evening (i think?)

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I am so tunnel visioned right now after 2 days in the hospital that I don't even know what day it is?! It is weird how quickly that happens.

Eli had a very rough night last night and this morning with nausea and throwing up (every hour, bleh) but has seemed to turn a corner this evening. He is still throwing up and hasn't kept anything down, but at least seems to be more comfortable. We were also moved out of the PICU into a regular pediatric room this evening and that has seemed to have a calming effect on him. Less tubes and IV's and monitoring and a quieter environment for getting some rest. We also have a bathroom and little fridge in the room and we are allowed to sleep in the room with him, so Jeremiah and I are much more comfortable as well.

His swelling is peaking and his left eye is totally closed tonight. However, we were warned of this and know that it should start receding in the next 48 hours.

Being in the PICU and any kind of pediatric hospital environment will give you such a dose of perspective. I have been an emotional mess all day on account of this blasted perspective.

We listened to a kid in the next room down code and I will never ever forget the sounds of it.

Don't take your children for granted.
Don't forget the blessing they are.

I can't wait to get all three of my blessings home again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of you that have called, texted, emailed, prayed for us, mowed our lawn for us (you know who you are!), and brought us meals and snacks. I'm sorry for being a slacker and not returning all the messages or texts...but I have appreciated every single one.

God is so good.
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Renae said...

So glad he's improving, and you guys are well taken care of:)! Praying for his continuing recovery!

Susan said...

We're still praying for Eli! Hoping things are improving greatly.

I know what you mean about being humbled during your time at Duke. You'll probably never forget it either. I saw and heard some things when we were there that I'll never ever forget. It's amazing how God works many miracles with the help of the medical workers there, though.

Anyway, we are lifting up lots of prayers for Eli and your whole family. We hope this week marks signficant progress!