Not Me Monday (and Eli update)

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I did not collide with a doctor while exiting the elevator.

And I was not carrying TWO grande cups o' joe that got um...squished, during the collision.

And it did not spill all over the both of us.


And I did not just stand there in shock for a full 30 seconds with my mouth literally hanging open in disbelief over what did (not) just happen.

And of course the elevator and lobby was not full of onlookers.
And of course everyone didn't get OFF the elevator to help clean me and the enormous mess up.

And of course it wasn't a group of OB/GYN doctors who were probably disdaining the fact that I was even consuming caffeine.

And again, of course, I had a complete change of clothes with me to change into.

Ahem, of course.

Therefore, I did not smell like eau du vanilla latte all day long.

Nope. Didn't happen. NOT ME.


Eli Update: Eli is doing great! Once we were able to get the throwing up under control it has been all progress since. He is off all monitors, IV's and drain tubes and has been drinking and eating (a little) for me all day today. He went for his CT scan this morning and everything looks great and we are on schedule to come home tomorrow!
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Tasha Via said...


Kim and Eric said...

Happy that Eli is doing well!

that is like a moment from Grey's Anatomy or something. Terrible! And so glad Eli is doing well.

Stacey said...

Happy here. Happy! =)